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We support Japanese SAKE. And we sell or transmit the goodness of sake to overseas.

(*)Rice wine and distilled spirit called Sake on this page.

Sake is a country liquor, we support it. People who live in Japan say, Sake is the fruit of Japanese labors. Because it’s symbolize climate of Japan, and Japanese craftsmen’s politeness and delicacy.

We think Sake leads to activation of regional. Because Sake and Japanese food is growing in popularity from home and abroad of people. Thereby we predict tourists from home and abroad will gather to countryside of Japan.

Currently, Sake is recognized that is compatible with other country’s dishes by the efforts of Japanese craftsman. In addition, according to Japanese food registered in the intangible cultural heritage, Sake will be noted along with the Japanese food and culture at home and abroad.

Therefore, we transmit charm of Sake with craftsmen’s passion by using our own plan and technology. In particular, sightseeing tours of Sake, exchange meetings with craftsmen, promotion by the video, promotion of export.

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