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This is a dietary education that we have implemented. Various issues surrounding disturbance of the eating habits and health have been serious in Japan. So, importance of dietary education is conscious in Japan. But the problems haven’t been solved.

“Is Japanese diet disturbed?”“They aren’t big problems” Perhaps some people think so.

However, dietary education is indispensable to children’s build up physical strangth and personality development. Therefore, we tell the importance of dietary education to children and their parents with farmers and educators in Japan.

We should continue to eat good food. Because they make the soil, such as our physical strength, personality development, and morals.

There are three policy of educational and Moral Education and Physical Education in Japan. We think, dietry education support them. We think, education is flower. And it doesn’t bloom if lose the rich soil. You can see the video that summarizes the voice of Japanese professionals in this page.

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